20 Years of Waterjet Cutting

Colorado WaterJet is the oldest and most experienced waterjet shop in Colorado. From time-saving hog-outs to near-net finished parts, waterjet cutting is a quick way to bring your design into reality and our process can cut anything you can create from a wide range of materials. While CWJ specializes in waterjet cutting only; we work closely with machine shops in Denver, Ft. Collins, and Colorado Springs (along with other Colorado machine shops) who can assist in post processing applications.

Quick Turnaround

Our 3 waterjet machines (FLOW brand waterjets) allow for quick response and flexibility to accommodate your business needs.

Typical turnaround is 5 business days, but we aim to cut your parts as quickly as possible. For those jobs where time is of the essence, Colorado WaterJet offers an expedite service that guarantees a 24 hour turnaround on most jobs.


WaterJet Cuts Anything

We cut most shapes, from simple to intricate designs while meeting tolerances of ±0.005” per side. Since our process is performed without heat, we create cuts without hardened edges, slag, or warping that are inherent with laser or plasma cutting. Higher tolerances can be achieved with additional quality control measures on a case by case basis.

Our machines are capable of standard and dynamic (taper-less) waterjet cutting and our professional staff can make efficient use of your material and recommend the optimal settings for the job. [click here for our Edge and Tolerance Guide]

Colorado WaterJet also has 5-axis cutting capabilities, which can be utilized for three dimensional (3D) shapes, such as bevels and weld joints. Please contact us to discuss if 5-axis cutting is applicable to your project.

Our cutting envelope can handle material as large as 78”x157” and we have experience cutting metals up to 8” thick. If you have something larger or thicker, give us a call. We are always looking to take on a new challenge.


Our Quality becomes your Quality

Colorado WaterJet has implemented a quality management system (QMS) to focus on meeting individual customer needs with first article reports and in process inspection reports to help move your process along. Our QMS works well for day-to-day, tight tolerance, and large production run jobs.