Best-In-Class Customer Service

Colorado WaterJet Company is Colorado’s most experienced custom waterjet cutting manufacturer. We opened our doors in 1997 and have cut just about every material imaginable. With three machines dedicated exclusively to waterjet machining, we are also Colorado’s largest manufacturer specializing in waterjet cutting.

Our President, Brian Pope, has extensive experience providing custom manufacturing services to the Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Electronics, and Government Defense Industries. In 2014, Brian brought his proven process flow techniques to an established job shop known for the experience and personal touch provided by Dan Nibbelink (Founder) and Josh Van Maren (Customer Service Manager).

At Colorado WaterJet we focus on systematic process flow. In 2015 alone, we implemented an automated Master Production Schedule, we formalized our Quality Management System (QMS), and we also began offering 24 hour expedited services. In fact, we successfully completed 141 expedited jobs in 2015. Planned capacity and an organized process flow system allow us to meet your needs and give you the best possible customer experience.

Our process not only allows us to provide a quick turnaround but we also review each job in detail to prevent potential problems that come along with custom jobs. In just the past 6 months, we served 34 industries and cut 62 material types, ranging from 4-minute prototypes to a 15,000 piece production run.

Don’t take our word for it, come see for yourself. We enjoy providing facility tours to explain the technology, show off samples, and discuss your specific project.

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Creating a Culture of Quality

We have developed three key tenets that help us to provide excellent service to all of our clients:

1. Best-In-Class Customer Service
2. Integrity
3. Continuous Improvement

These key tenets drive every facet of our production from making sure that we are quoting accurately, all the way through to the attention paid to parts for packing and shipping. We know that people are at the heart of our business and the best way for us to succeed is to develop lasting partnerships with our clients.

Careers – Join our Team

Colorado WaterJet is always looking to add new talent to our team. If you are interested in working with us and believe you would be a good fit, please send your resume to